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Do you lot desire to start blogging for money? so you lot are at the correct place. Blogger Tutorials are the close requested post service past times my readers therefore, I am going to post service the whole video preparation inwards Urdu or Hindi language.

Lesson 01: Over View to Blogger Tutorial

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Someone commented on my spider web log asking that if he could do a spider web log in addition to earn alongside it inwards his province Bangladesh. 
انٹرنیٹ پے Blog بنانیں اور Google AdSense سے پیسہ کمانے کا مکمل طریقہ جاننیں کےلیئے نیچے دی گئ وڈیو لسٹ کودیکھیں

Step By Step Blogger Tutorials (Each Post Has a Video)
Lesson 01
Over View to Blogger Tutorial  (You’re hither – THIS VIDEO IS BELOW THIS TABLE)
Lesson 02
Lesson 03
Lesson 04
Lesson 05
Lesson 06
Lesson 07
Lesson 08
Lesson 09
This lesson is non essential 
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Lesson 15
Lesson 16
Lesson 17
Lesson 18
Lesson 19

So I would similar to inform you lot that you lot tin order the axe earn alongside no affair inwards which province you lot are living. This video is inwards Urdu linguistic communication so those who are living inwards Pakistan, India, Nepal, People’s Republic of Bangladesh in addition to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may stimulate got do goodness of it.

In this post service of introduction of blogger total tutorials, next steps are told.
It should live noted that nosotros had created the same class inwards the past times but this fourth dimension nosotros stimulate got re-made it alongside proper details, in addition to those things stimulate got been added which our readers asked us through comment boxes which nosotros tin order the axe tell a practiced feedback, so this class is revised. 
This post service is merely to present content of the course, however, each of them volition live idea pace past times pace inwards subsequent posts.

Blogger Tutorial for Beginners Context

  • What is a blog? 
  • What is Hosting in addition to Domain
  • Designing a spider web log alongside the default designs provided past times Google Blogger?
  • Labeling or categorizing posts inwards spider web log posts. 
  • Adding Social Sharing icon inwards spider web log post service below in addition to to a higher house the post.
  • Adding Facebook Widget at blogger sidebar.
  • Adding Social Widget inwards blogger, so every bit to larn to a greater extent than likes, shares, followers in addition to subscribers.
  • Creating a spider web log in addition to Designing it alongside blogger templates.
  • Applying your ain blogger templates inwards spider web log in addition to customizing it for driblet downwards carte in addition to much more.
  • Posting dissimilar variety of materials into spider web log such every bit pictures, videos, books, games, software in addition to sound etc.
  • Adding spider web log into Alexa indexing free.
  • Adding site into Google search index.
  • Adding keywords inwards spider web log post service at certainly placements inwards lodge to gain to a greater extent than views.
  • What is SEO in addition to how to do it?
  • What are backlinks in addition to how to larn high character backlinks for blog?
  • Getting website traffic from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Stumbleupon in addition to Pinterest.
  • Making Money alongside a spider web log alongside in addition to without AdSense.
  • Tips to Get AdSense Faster. 
  • Ways to Withdraw earned coin inwards cash.
  • And much more.
Full blogger pace past times pace tutorial


I promise you lot are at 1 time inwards confidence that you lot volition sentry the total video blogger tutorials. These all are pace past times pace in addition to alongside a sequence. All the videos are explanatory but if you lot stuck at whatever indicate you lot may inquire us via comment box given below each post service throughout this site. 
Happy blogging!! And expire on sharing us alongside your friends so that they could stimulate got the benefit. Moreover, You may larn website images for gratis from here. 
Hope this tutorial has covert the topic Start blogging for Money.