Butterfly Song (+ Coloring Pages as well as Worksheets)

It’s springtime. It’s fourth dimension of flowers as well as butterflies. And it’s too fourth dimension to larn simply about saltation vocabulary during English linguistic communication lessons amongst kids. I wrote a real unproblematic vocal nigh butterflies a yr agone which I used to instruct English linguistic communication to preschoolers inward spring. So I would similar to portion this butterfly song as well as simply about printable activities amongst other educators as well as parents who instruct their ain children at home.

Butterfly Song

Down the valley,
In the meadow
I saw pretty butterflies,
They were flight inward the air
They were flight real high.

On the flowers
Up the trees,
In the gentle morning time breeze,
Butterflies, you’re as well as thus cute,
I would similar to wing amongst you.

I convey prepared a few coloring pages as well as worksheets to acquire amongst this song. They are rather unproblematic as well as tin endure used for preschool as well as kindergarten activities.

Coloring Pages

butterfly coloring for preschool
Butterfly coloring page 1

butterfly coloring for kindergarten
Butterfly coloring page 2

butterfly coloring for learning english
Butterfly coloring page 3

butterfly coloring for saltation as well as summertime activities
Butterfly coloring page 4

butterfly coloring for instruction esl
Butterfly coloring page 5


Worksheet 1: This chore is for petty learners of English. Children must differentiate large as well as modest butterflies as well as count them (depending on skills as well as age).

butterfly counting worksheet for preschool
Counting Worksheet

Worksheet 2: This assignment is too a real unproblematic 1 as well as tin endure used during English linguistic communication lessons dedicated to nature, saltation or summertime weather. Children are supposed to detect the butterflies which await the same.

matching worksheet for preschool
Match the Same Worksheet
Baca Juga:  Raining Sunshine

Worksheet 3: When doing this chore children are asked to detect which butterfly differs from others inward each raw. This activeness develops kids’ attending as well as reasoning skills. It too tin tending amend their speaking skills if a instructor asks immature learners to explicate why the butterfly is different.

butterfly worksheet for developing attending as well as speaking
Circle the Different Worksheet

Worksheet 4: In this chore petty English linguistic communication learners must connect the dots from Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 to Z that helps them retrieve the letters club inward the English linguistic communication alphabet. Then children must color the butterfly that is too real useful for developing fine motor skills, attending as well as creativity.

abc dot-to-dot butterfly worksheet
ABC dot-to-dot worksheet

Worksheet 5: This assignment may endure useful acre learning the names of shapes inward English. Children must color the butterfly amongst unlike shapes on its wings as well as lift all the shapes. While making such tasks kids tin prepare their imagination as well as creativity, acquire an persuasion of size as well as symmetry.

butterfly shapes coloring page for learning English
Butterfly Shapes Coloring Page

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