Can you lot launder your pilus amongst Baking Soda or Apple Cider Vinegar? : H5N1 scientific experiment!

So you lot may shout back the concluding experiments on cowashing as well as rhassoul/bentonite clay washing which led many of you lot to ask, why non produce it alongside baking soda as well as apple tree cider vinegar (ACV)? Well hither are the results!

The Experiment
I used my ain shed pilus as well as imaged it:
-on its ain without whatever washing (oily pilus sample)
– washed alongside shampoo exclusively (2 infinitesimal H2O rinse, 2 infinitesimal shampoo wash, 2 infinitesimal H2O rinse as well as air dried for four hours)
-washed alongside baking soda dissolved inwards H2O exclusively ( 2 infinitesimal H2O rinse, 2 infinitesimal baking soda (pre-mixed alongside water), 2 infinitesimal H2O rinse as well as air dried for four hours)
-washed alongside apple tree cider vinegar exclusively ( 2 infinitesimal H2O rinse, 2 infinitesimal apple tree cider vinegar wash, 2 infinitesimal H2O rinse as well as air dried for four hours)

The Results

1. The Controls – Oily Hair as well as Shampooed Hair

This paragraph is a chip of self plagiarism (yes you lot tin plagiarise yourself)  – As earlier – I redid these 2 controls for this experiment because you lot ever convey to convey a baseline of what the pilus looks similar prior to washing as well as what it looks similar alongside a proper wash. You tin hence estimate the baking soda as well as ACV inwards context of muddy as well as laid upwardly clean hair.

Oily Unwashed Natural Hair

Clean Shampooed Natural Hair

2. Baking Soda Wash

I was genuinely stunned past times this. It genuinely did non laid upwardly clean at all. I sort of expected it to somewhat but it genuinely was only a greasy mess. I fifty-fifty decided to soak it inwards the baking soda mix for 10 minutes as well as elbow grease 1 time again but the consequence was just the same

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Baking soda launder on natural pilus – Still Oily

 3. Apple Cider Vinegar Wash

If you lot idea the baking soda launder was bad, good encounter the ACV wash. I mean value the pilus genuinely looked oilier afterwards washing than before. Once to a greater extent than I soaked it for 10 minutes to laissez passer on it a run a peril as well as the consequence was only a chip better.

ACV launder – Can you lot believe this stone oil coated pilus is washed?

ACV washed pilus – 10 minutes – Still oily but less so.

Additional notes:
Running warm H2O was used for all washes. In each launder or rinse,  pilus was rubbed gently to copy normal pilus washing. Shampoo – Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shampoo.

Please produce banking concern annotation that nether the microscope nosotros tin reckon stone oil layers but nosotros produce non reckon pocket-size deposits such every bit construct upwardly or pilus conditioner deposits (well you lot genuinely could reckon them alongside specialised instruments but non alongside my microscope!). Strictly speaking this experiment volition respond the question, how good volition washing method X take stone oil from hair.