Challenge Yourself — Think Outside the Cutter

You know, I used to move able to post these challenges on the minute solar daytime of the calendar month together with pretend that I meant to create that because it was technically nevertheless the outset solar daytime of the calendar month somewhere inward the world. Now it’s non fifty-fifty unopen to that. In fact, it’s already the THIRD solar daytime of the calendar month inward some parts of the world. And the tertiary solar daytime of the calendar month is practically the quaternary together with yesteryear that betoken it’s really close the destination of the calendar month together with I’ve missed it all entirely. Except I haven’t together with that agency it’s fourth dimension for some other CHALLENGE! Yeay! This is the best solar daytime ever! We’re all excited out of our minds. (Well, either that or we’ve all but eaten a smidgeon likewise much of that leftover Easter candy. And I’m non naming names or anything, but those empty candy wrappers scattered all some my figurer didn’t but walk themselves at that spot together with plop downwards for the scenery. My figurer isn’t fifty-fifty attractive. It’s the regular quondam dark together with greyish thing. Also, I don’t recall it’s always done a unmarried line upwardly or gone running or anything.)

Umm… my betoken is…


I actually wanted to create some other Creative Cookie Contest similar final year. That was thence much fun together with completely unbelievable to come across what amazing ideas everyone came upwardly with! But I actually create desire to cultivate a spirit of adventure together with edifice together with but loving each other instead of competing. So this volition move basically the same concept, but without the judging. Ready?

Take this cutter. Or you lot tin accept the cutter you lot receive got that also looks similar this. Or you lot tin but manus cutting a sort that looks remotely similar this. And thence brand a cookie that isn’t a diamond ring. Take move of it out, or add together move of some other cutter to it if you lot want. I don’t mind. It’s your call. Just move certain to accept a painting exhibit thence you lot receive got a lead chances to win some fun prizes like…

Super Pearl Luster Dust together with a luster duster brush thingie…

AND… a copper cutter of your selection from It doesn’t receive got to move their novel Belgium Plaque Cutter, but I tin say you lot now… that’s the i *I* would choose!


1. Make a cookie using the diamond band cutter sort that is non a diamond ring.
2. Link it upwardly hither yesteryear midnight on the final solar daytime of April. (Or the solar daytime after that…but non whatsoever later.)
3. Enter every bit many designs every bit you lot like.
4. Winner volition move drawn via together with volition receive got 1 calendar week to respond.

Remember, you lot create NOT receive got to receive got a weblog or world Facebook page to participate! You tin post photos at the Cookiers R Us Forum or on Flickr. Both are gratis to sign up. Upload your photo. Click on your photograph together with thence lead grip of the link from the top. Click on the bluish “Add Your Link” push clit below all the pictures together with glue that link. Check out THIS TUTORIAL from The Bearfoot Baker if you lot postulate some visuals.  Email me if you lot postulate help!