Challenge Yourself — USE THAT CUTTER!!!

I’m already a jillion hours behind my entire life at this point. So I’m merely going to come upward correct out too nation this. I’m pretty certain that I tin read your mind. Let’s conduct maintain this niggling quiz too come across how expert I am.

1. How many cookie cutters create y’all own? (I don’t desire to tell y’all because I secretly don’t desire to know the response myself. Because if I knew the response I wouldn’t move able to conceivably move telling the truth when I nation “I don’t know” the side yesteryear side fourth dimension my solid unit of measurement asks.)

2. How many of those cookie cutters create y’all run on a regular basis. (Somewhere betwixt x too 20. But don’t tell my other cutters. They volition larn jealous. You know how cutters tin be. )

3. How many of those cookie cutters conduct maintain y’all NEVER used? (I come across where this is going too I desire out. I volition NOT move held responsible for feelings of cutter inferiority. I gauge them alone on merit too surgery too would never discriminate based on their structure or how shiny too smoothen their copper is.) (I’m lying. I totally conduct maintain favorites.)

4. What are y’all doing this month? (Stuff. I’ve got merely loads of materials to larn done.)

But y’all would move incorrect on divulge 4, because your response *should* conduct maintain been — “I’m taking upward this month’s Challenge, that’s what I’m doing!”

The Challenge for this calendar month —-

Use a cookie cutter y’all ALREADY OWN that you’ve never used before. Then postal service a film somewhere on the cyberspace too link it upward earlier the halt of the month. That’s it!

Baca Juga:  Challenge Yourself! -- Puzzle Cookies

And every bit a prize….

This calendar month it is a SURPRISE! Sort of. I am going to randomly delineate 1 individual from all the entries too shipping them a bunch of the extra Korean cookie cutters that I’ve been clinging to since I moved dorsum here. But y’all conduct maintain to hope to run them too honey them. Or they volition move sad. And hence volition I. My married adult man said I should every bit good shipping y’all all the cutters that *I* haven’t used. I told him I couldn’t, because I mightiness **NEED** them someday. So I’ll merely throw inwards about of the extra sets I have. And every bit good whatever cookie cutter I discovery this calendar month that seems to move seeking a novel domicile every bit well.