Christmas Fun Song for Kids (+ Flashcards)

Hurray! Christmas flavor has come! It is the close loved as well as exciting fourth dimension of the twelvemonth that requires an intensive preparation. All children must know what is needed to experience a especial as well as unique atmosphere of Christmas. But if you lot are all the same non sure what 1 needs for a fun holiday, my Christmas Fun Song for kids volition for sure help you lot out. Just nous carefully!

Here are the Christmas Fun Song lyrics

What Do You Need for Christmas Fun?

What produce you lot demand for Christmas fun,
Christmas fun, Christmas fun?
What produce you lot demand for Christmas fun
On this frosty Christmas day?

H5N1 pail of sand?
An Easter egg?
H5N1 motor boat
Or an ice-cream cone?

No! No! No! No! No!

H5N1 holly wreath,
H5N1 jolly reindeer,
Christmas cookies
H5N1 row of stockings,
Christmas tree,
Lots of gifts,
Outside nosotros are caroling.

What produce you lot demand for Christmas fun,
Christmas fun, Christmas fun?
What produce you lot demand for Christmas fun
On this frosty Christmas day?

H5N1 watermelon?
H5N1 large umbrella?
H5N1 birthday cake?
H5N1 farmer rake?

No! No! No! No! No!

Santa’s sleigh,
Some merry elves,
Silver bells,
Candy canes,
Many friends to sing as well as play.


There are 2 large sets of flashcards for your pupils to memorize the vocal vocabulary. The get-go gear upward includes flashcards amongst pictures as well as words together. The minute 1 includes flashcards amongst entirely pictures land words are on private smaller cards. In add-on all the words are given inwards their singular as well as plural forms for practicing the English linguistic communication plurals. You tin piece of employment this gear upward for dissimilar lexical games during your English linguistic communication lessons.

The get-go gear upward of flashcards amongst words

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Christmas Fun Song Flashcards

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The get-go gear upward of flashcards amongst words on the split cards

English linguistic communication christmas materials flashcards
Christmas materials flashcards

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English didactics christmas flashcards

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To recall all the words related to Christmas inwards the song, I advise that сhildren produce the next assignment:

Worksheet: Kids should insert the missing letters as well as stand upward for the words amongst the corresponding images using the worksheet below inwards gild to help a footling elf brand necessary Christmas preparations. This chore aims at practicing spelling as well as learning the vacation vocabulary.

Christmas vocabulary worksheet
Christmas Vocabulary Worksheet

I promise this vocal volition help your children accept fun as well as report English linguistic communication land celebrating Christmas.

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