Clothing Song for Kids

I’ve decided to cooperate amongst some other ESL instructor living inwards my metropolis to expend the creative hear involved inwards my instruction activities as well as percentage novel ideas amongst the English linguistic communication teachers’ community. Her mention is Julia Hetman as well as this postal service introduces her outset contribution to my weblog as well as YouTube channel. She has written lyrics for my novel children’s song. This vocal is close wearable as well as tin survive used for corresponding English linguistic communication lessons roofing the clothes vocabulary. The lyrics are too proficient to learn the Present Continuous (Progressive) tense to every bit piddling kids every bit preschoolers if non toddlers. I asked Julia to write an article giving ESL teachers an persuasion on how the vocal tin survive used. So hither is her article.

This information is meant for educators as well as parents who are constantly seeking novel ways to brand English linguistic communication classes to a greater extent than exciting as well as productive for children.

This article has to practice amongst the Present Continuous tense, which is i of the most widespread as well as often used grammer tenses.

The rhymes given below tin good illustrate the essence of the Present Continuous, which serves to depict the activity happening at or around the fourth dimension of speaking:
Tom is playing,
Fred is eating.
Nick is writing,
Bob is sleeping.
The Sun is shining
And I am smiling.

‘Where are you lot going, my piddling cat?’-
‘I’m going to town, to purchase me a hat.’-
‘What? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 truthful cat inwards a hat? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 chapeau for a cat?
Who e’er saw a truthful cat inwards a hat?’

Young learners often confuse the usage of the auxiliaries is, am as well as are, though. I accept written lyrics of a uncomplicated wearable vocal containing lots of repetitions which volition assist youngsters larn how to brand questions as well as response them inwards the affirmative.

Song Lyrics

Who is wearing a scarf?
Can’t you lot see? It’s a giraffe.
Who is wearing a hat?
It’s a funny brownish bat.

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Who is wearing a skirt?
It’s a piddling hummingbird.
Who is wearing a shirt?
It is merely a mockingbird.

Are you lot wearing a dress?
If you’re a girl, say: “Yes!”
Are you lot wearing corduroys?
Say: “Yes, nosotros are!” if you lot are boys.

Here are some helpful tips on how you lot tin brand utilisation of the Clothing Song:

After introducing the vocal to pupils, inquire them to role-play brusk dialogues:
– Who is wearing a scarf?
– It’s a giraffe.
– Who is wearing a skirt?
– It’s a piddling hummingbird.

While dramatizing these brusk dialogues, children could stretch their necks similar tall giraffes or ‘flutter’ the agency birds do.

This funny vocal may too assist you lot practice a moment of relaxation later practicing the Present Continuous. Try to suggest immature learners to pretend that they are diverse animals wearing dissimilar articles of clothing.

For example:
– Who is a giraffe?
– I am.
– What are you lot wearing?
– I am wearing a scarf as well as a straw hat.

You tin too paw out a fix of cards amongst articles of wearable as well as encourage your pupils to ask i some other questions similar inwards the patterns below:

Pattern 1:

Pupil 1: – What are you lot wearing?
Pupil 2: – I’m wearing jeans/ a skirt/ a necktie, etc.

Pattern 2:

P.1: – Are you lot wearing a scarf or a hat?
P.2: – I am wearing a hat.
P.3: – Are you lot wearing an anorak or a fur coat?
P.4: – I am wearing a fur coat.

I promise these tips volition survive helpful both for instruction as well as organizing relaxation for kids. Enjoy the vocal as well as sing along!

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In my plough I’d similar to add together some worksheets, flashcards as well as coloring pages to brand your wearable lesson fifty-fifty to a greater extent than interesting for kids.


English wearable matching worksheet
Worksheet: fit the vocal characters amongst their clothes

clothing vocabulary worksheet, insert letters as well as fit words amongst images
Worksheet: insert missing letters into the words as well as fit them amongst articles of clothing


English wearable flashcards

animals inwards clothes flashcards

English clothes vocabulary flashcards

Coloring Pages

bat coloring, bat inwards the hat
Bat coloring

giraffe coloring page, giraffe inwards the scarf
Giraffe coloring

hummingbird coloring
Hummingbird coloring

mockingbird coloring
Mockingbird coloring

boy coloring
Boy coloring

girl coloring
Girl coloring