Create in addition to Design a Blogger Blog With Categories In Urdu Hindi

What is a blog?

In the starting it is explained that what is a blog? What is Blogger? In this postal service (Embedded video) nosotros bring depict it inwards a proficient way. Hosting too Domain bring already been discussed inwards our previous posts.

How to Create Blog?

After the introduction I bring defined the Self Hosted too Paid Hosted blogs too bring likewise explained what is Hosting too Domain. Though I bring wrote close it before.

This is Lesson 02 — Visit Step By Step Blogger Tutorial Here 

Next lesson of course of teaching is Start Posting inwards Blog (Video – Games – Software – PDF – Audio) and previous lesson is primary page.

In my blogger course of teaching I bring preferred Blogger equally the get-go platform for blogs because this is Google Hosted which is absolutely fee too asks for no investment. This platform is too then slowly to exercise a website that an uneducated tin move it. (Watch embedded video).

How to Design blog?

Then nosotros bring defined that how to blueprint a blog? It actually made me happy to learn you lot to designing a spider web log amongst the designs or templates provided past times blogger itself (defaults) too changing them equally per our desire. In side past times side postal service you lot volition larn to add together your ain template into spider web log amongst drib downwards menu.
Here the designs customization includes Changing the format, font, color too sizes of blogger’s header, sidebar, description too much more. Sizes of postal service expanse too sidebar widgets are likewise modified here. Background of whole spider web log may likewise move changed from hither too believe me in that place are elegant background here.

How to Categorize Posts inwards Blog?

Categorizes acquire inwards easier to browse the site. It allows to accomplish at your goal faster too best affair of categorize inwards the land of blogger is that it actually helps inwards increasing the page views of blog. It likewise helps  inwards Search engine optimization.

How to exercise blueprint too label a spider web log inwards urdu hindi

When it comes to categorize spider web log posts or tagging posts, blogger play a really slowly scroll to exercise that. In blogger categorize are called Labels. So piece you lot are creating a postal service you lot volition run into at your correct a panel which at get-go says Label hither you lot tin add together words for which you lot wishing your postal service to move categorized.

There After you lot volition larn how to demo these posts into carte bar, I bring described 2 ways inwards descriptive video. The get-go ane is to add together inwards a elementary blogger default template which is in that place called pages. And the instant ane is to add together through a custom template which volition move described later.