Decorated Daffodil Cookies

I powerfulness accept a smidgeon of an obsession amongst daffodils. I absolutely dearest that they are the harbingers of spring. And they are yellow…which is the emotional contrary of the sludgy grayness color of winter.  And best of all… they only proceed coming dorsum every year. You establish them i time together with thence every jump afterwards that they’re like, “No, don’t worry. I’m cool. You only sit down at that topographic point pretending that you’re on a tropical isle because you lot saw the Sun for to a greater extent than than 12 minutes today. I don’t quest your stinking attending together with your H2O together with your fertilizer that you lot laissez passer on to all your other plants. I don’t fifty-fifty quest your weeding. And you lot know why? Because I. AM. DAFFODIL. That’s why.”  Daffodils are my form of flowers.

And since they don’t quest my stinking attention, I accept fifty-fifty to a greater extent than fourth dimension to devote to recreating them inwards cookie form. This year’s journeying to daffodil perfection took me to Tracy at Whisked Away cutters. Together nosotros created the dreamiest daffodil cutter I could e’er imagine.

1. Outline together with fill upwards some crazy squiggly expanse at the exceed of the loving cup amongst a #1.5 tip. Outline together with fill upwards the bottom two petals equally shown amongst the same tip. Using a smaller tip volition proceed these areas thinner together with aid laissez passer on a piddling dimension to our cookie.
2. Use a #3 tip together with the same icing to outline together with fill upwards the residual of the cup.
3. As presently equally the icing on the loving cup is set, outline together with fill upwards the remaining petals amongst the #3 tip.
4. Switch to a #2 tip together with add together details on the petals. Pipe some the exceed of the cup. Pipe a second, thinner outline on exceed of the first, but only on the bottom half.

You tin dismiss piece of job out it only similar that if you lot desire to….but you lot know I only can’t piece of job out good plenty alone. You tin dismiss pigment it amongst nutrient coloring if you lot like. I used orangish together with chocolate-brown if you lot were wondering.


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