Easy Ninja Cookies

I larn a KICK out of yous Valentine!

I convey had a manlike somebody minor fry for longer than I’ve been decorating cookies. If yous interpret that into saccharide years, it’s similar a jillion years. And I’ve spent every concluding 1 of those jillion years trying to brand “boy cookies” that both of us like. It’s slow plenty to brand cookies that HE likes. I only brand an endless pile of ruby as well as bluish icing as well as pose it on transcend of a cookie. It’s non a surprise that nosotros don’t normally honey the same cookies. These ninjas are the accumulation of a jillion years worth of boy-cookie-research. As it turns out, I convey discovered that ALL boys (and many girls) secretly desire to move ninjas. They volition never move disappointed alongside ninja cookies.

Need cookies for a boy’s birthday party? Birthday ninjas! What almost a manlike somebody minor fry that loves the ocean? Ninja fish! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 grown upwards human that plays badminton as well as likes plaid? Plaid badminton ninjas! Ninja Astronauts. Ninja vampires. Ninja firemen. Ninjas alongside dogs. Ninjas that notice pots of gold. Ninjas that wearable the cutest polka dot vintage aprons as well as bake cookies. I’m telling you…ninjas are the substitution to the man child cookie world. Also…they sneak upwards on yous when you’re non looking. It’s best to move on their practiced side if yous know what I mean. (I don’t genuinely know what I mean. I only genuinely don’t desire roughly plaid badminton playing ninja to boundary out at me afterwards this evening as well as move all “You don’t know me!”)

Given this “ninja situation” that nosotros straightaway notice ourselves in… it’s in all probability all for the best if yous only brand these ninja cookies now.  And yous should know — these are the EASIEST ninja cookies yous volition e’er make.

1. With medium thickness grayness icing as well as a #3 tip, outline as well as fill upwards the head, leaving a infinite opened upwards for the face.
2. When the caput icing has gear upwards (15 minutes) outline as well as fill upwards the body.
3. Fill inwards the confront alongside peel coloring icing.
4. Add a work inwards a higher identify the confront alongside a #3 tip as well as bluish icing. Let it dry out for x minutes.
5. Add the other one-half of the tie, the eyes as well as a petty see if yous like… or yous know, a badminton birdie or something.

I’m going to brand a bunch of these as well as and hence only slide them into a cookie order. Then when people notice them, I’ll move all “What?! Really? Ninjas…they’re hence sneaky.” 


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