Fantastic Find Fri — Pentel Water Brush

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 long fourth dimension agone inwards a dream called Cookie Con, Arty McGoo showed me her H2O brush. And every fourth dimension she wrote alongside it…magic came out. So every bit you lot tin imagine, I was pretty determined to larn i for myself. I searched high too low, traveling to at to the lowest degree 2 arts and crafts stores, but was unable to procure this enchanted tool. So I bought i on Amazon too waited yesteryear the window for it to arrive. My daughters joined me too i of them got tangled upwardly inwards the curtains, thence I decided to merely to regular somebody materials until it was delivered. And when the pen finally came…I ripped opened upwardly the packaging too filled it alongside dark nutrient coloring too sat downward alongside my stack of do paper, ready for the magic to come. AND information technology DID!! It actually was every bit magical inwards person.

Confused? Let’s kickoff alongside the basics. The H2O brush consists of an empty (refillable) plastic barrel too a brush at the end. It was originally designed to purpose with…water. But Arty McGoo puts airbrush coloring inwards the barrel of her H2O brush too paints alongside it! She sort of makes everything easy, thence I definitely had to elbow grease it for myself! I watered downward Americolor gel glue instead of airbrush coloring because I was actually desperate to seat my giant bottle of dark nutrient coloring out of it’s misery. You pour it into the empty barrel too and thence screw the 2 halves of the brush dorsum together. The barrel is quite flexible too you lot bring to mash it merely a trivial to larn the nutrient color to come upwardly downward into the brush. Be careful non to mash it likewise much though…because you lot tin mash nutrient coloring all over yourself if you lot don’t know your ain strength. I’m could basically live an Olympic Water Brush Squeezer, thence I’m glad I skilful on newspaper earlier trying it on a cookie.

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The really tip of the brushes is beautifully smoothen too tiny on all the sizes. It’s bully for adding really pocket-size details similar eyelashes or outlines. If you lot are hoping to purpose these for brush lettering…only the smallest of the 3 sizes inwards the COMBO PACK volition actually operate on cookies. (If you lot are artistic at all though… they would live bully for brush lettering on pretty much everything else!)

The bully business office most these brushes is that you lot tin add together ANY color you lot desire to the barrel. And too thence you lot tin launder it out too elbow grease roughly other color! You are no longer express yesteryear pre-made markers. To live fair… you lot could likely larn the same resultant alongside regular paintbrushes too nutrient coloring. The solely deviation is that alongside the H2O brush, you lot don’t run out of coloring. You don’t bring to re-wet your brush too alternative upwardly to a greater extent than color….you merely mash gently every bit you’re lettering or icon too choke along going.

Bottom line– You don’t require these…but they are super fun. I got the COMBO PACK for most $13…but since I tin solely run into myself using the smallest size, I would likely merely purchase the SMALLEST WATER BRUSH all yesteryear itself for most $7.

Want to elbow grease them out?! I’ve got a combo laid for i of you! Just click that Easy Entry push below yesteryear midnight on Friday, March 11, 2016!

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Can’t wait? Get the brush HERE
Do you lot already bring one? Tell me what you lot think! Is it slow to use? Do you lot intend you’ll purpose the larger sizes? What colors should I laid up? (I’m thinking roughly sort of lip-color pinkish next…)