Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs SnapDeal Affiliate Marketing inwards India

Affiliate Marketing inward India, Best affiliate marketing for bloggers

Affiliate marketing is simply a awesome way to earn coin online, ane of the most pop rootage to earn BIG bucks for bloggers, because many bloggers earning handsome income from blogging, at that topographic point are many ways to promote affiliate products hither I volition hash out all most them but peculiarly this spider web log post dedicated to Affiliate marketing inward Republic of Republic of India dedicated to these 3 BIG players of Indian e-commerce market, equally yous know these companies are making sells inward billions if yous tin flame shipping traffic to them through your links in addition to then yous tin flame earn committee upwardly to 20% in addition to that’s non bad, allow me tell yous a small-scale event of it.

Actually, I have got been involved inward making coin online in addition to blogging, that’s why I e’er practice piddling fighting experiment to discovery out the novel way to promote brand, getting traffic in addition to of course of written report to earn coin legit way, the even I am going to part amongst you, this is ane of my experiment, genuinely past times pedagogy I am a Mechanical Engineer in addition to I have got real expert noesis inward it that’s why even I Become Topper Many Times inward College After Failing Twice.

Okay, hither is the interesting story, genuinely I have got been using Facebook from final 7 years, after knowing most affiliate marketing concept I have got implement amongst my Facebook profile, genuinely hither is affiliate concept, run across inward affiliate marketing yous volition instruct a unique URL which yous involve to shared if whatever ane volition purchase production through that link yous volition earn commission, if yous are non getting this concept in addition to then yous volition sympathize amongst it after seeing the example, genuinely equally I have got already part amongst yous past times Education I am a Mechanical Engineer in addition to many of my Facebook friends are preparing for authorities jobs, that way if I volition part a real expert majority inward Mechanical Engineering for training including my affiliate link it volition build me money, because I bought that majority in addition to I am certain my friends definitely going to purchase that majority in addition to it happens they are even thence buying it in addition to I am making committee from it in addition to of course of written report they are getting awesome practice goodness from it, yous tin flame practice the same to earn committee but e’er part production most it yous are known or it is e’er part a production which production yous have got already used.

Well, equally stated on the championship inward this spider web log post, I am going to part amongst you Flipkart Vs SnapDeal Vs Amazon, that’s why yous tin flame amongst the best one.

My Experience amongst Flipkart-

Flipkart is ane of the famous e-commerce selection for Indian consumers fifty-fifty yous know most Flipkart, but yes whenever nosotros wanted to purchase a production in addition to then most of the fourth dimension nosotros practice banking concern fit its cost on other websites also those are also pop inward India.

Well, hither I am sharing amongst yous my sense amongst Flipkart equally an affiliate, run across I have got been using Flipkart affiliate programme from final ii years but I did non lead this equally a serious earning rootage for me, because I have got many other sources of earning but its okay, amongst real less endeavour if yous are earning in addition to then its good.

My affiliate earning is non that much but yes I have got earn some amount in addition to I have got proof of it also, my start payment from Flipkart was 455 INR but after I have got changed my way of payment to banking concern transfer at that topographic point is a strong argue behind of this in addition to yous must know most it, otherwise the same incident may also happened to yous in addition to equally a reader of “BloggerHowtoSEOTips”, I don’t desire that.

Here is the even start out of Flipkart EGV Payment-

Actually, equally I already told yous that I was non that much interested to earn coin from Flipkart equally an affiliate because of depression affiliate commission.

Well, equally I have got already told yous I got paid from Flipkart inward damage of EGV amount was 455 INR only, okay at that topographic point was nada problem, occupation started amongst one, when I came to know most it I tried to purpose it, I bought a spotter in addition to I was accepting to have my bought product, but I could non have it, I have got contact Flipkart back upwardly team, because I bought spotter from EVG, that’s why I wanted to know most it in addition to I got replied from Flipkart squad that the production has been cancelled in addition to I volition instruct dorsum my payment shortly may hold out after 7 days, thence I received paid amount through Debit carte du jour inside 48 hours but EVG I did non check.

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The existent SAD even is here, simply after duo of days I wanted to purchase some other product, when I pick out payment way EVG in addition to I have got set their code for EVG in addition to seen that at that topographic point is solely 155 INR left for this affair I speak to Flipkart client back upwardly they replied to me that its been used in addition to I speak to them who but they told me, they tin flame non shared amongst me thence I this way I lost my money, but I am sharing amongst yous that’s why the same even volition non repeat amongst yous some other thing I have got read inward Flipkart that Flipkart is non responsible for used of EVG.

So, I volition recommend alter your payment way to banking concern transfer, that is also known equally EFT, the total cast of EFT is Electronic Fund Transfer, but minimum threshold for withdrawing payment is one k INR.

After switching to EFT payment method I got paid from them, hither is the proof-

Flipkart Affiliate, Payment Proof

My Experience amongst SnapDeal equally an Affiliate-

SnapDeal is an quondam actor inward affiliate marketing, likely SnapDeal marketing squad understood the potential affiliate marketing in addition to in ane trial anything come upwardly inward attending inward the blog-o-sphere in addition to then it becomes to a greater extent than famous peculiarly inward India, this is a recent trends of digital India.

Well, after knowing that SnapDeal also offering affiliate products way if anybody buys whatever production through your link in addition to then yous volition instruct commission, genuinely everything start I checked myself in addition to then I buy the farm for promoting the product, thence hither is even begin.

Actually, I wanted to purchase shoes, thence I have got started searching most it genuinely final fourth dimension I got shoes of Adidas, I wanted to joy the evidence of some other one, thence I have got tried other brands after searching in addition to seeing many shoes I have got decided to purchase Puma Black Tazon DP, I have got checked cost of SnapDeal, at that topographic point is a vendor who is offering 40% off on the same shoes after many e-commerce sites started offering 50% off on the same shoes, but at that fourth dimension solely SnapDeal vendor offering 40% off, thence after looking at the production I have got ordered it, the production was good.

My Experience amongst Amazon equally an Affiliate-

As I shared amongst that, I don’t promote these products the most, but yes I practice promote products those are most useful for my Facebook friends in addition to I build piddling committee from my Facebook profile, but most of the production I have got promoted of Flipkart product, yes I have got promoted few products of Amazon also.

Here is the even of promoting affiliate products of Amazon, after launching Amazon.in, its popularity has been increased inward India, genuinely ane of my colleague wanted to purchase few books of IIT JEE for his nephew, in addition to then nosotros search on e-commerce websites similar Flipkart, SnapDeal, ShopClues, PayTm in addition to others also.

But, nosotros could non discovery out those books on these websites, thence I told him to buy the farm to Amazon.in, he told me that yous delight ordered majority in addition to inquire me for payment, if yous volition discovery out.

After searching on Amazon, I constitute it in addition to ordered majority in addition to I have got seen that I got committee for selling those books through my link.

What volition Happen, If Someone Cancel the Product-

I practice have got sense for this condition, that’s why I am sharing you, because may hold out yous don’t know it or may hold out yous have got seen such things but yous unable to sympathize it.

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Actually, its long fourth dimension dorsum I have got seen somebody bought the production through my affiliate link in addition to after few days my committee has been disappeared I could non sympathize most it, I did contact affiliate back upwardly but I did non because I was busy in addition to the committee was likewise small.

But, hither the even begin, ane of my friend wanted to purchase shoes, he told me that he wanted to purchase a shoes in addition to he used my affiliate link to purchase Reebook shoes in addition to after buying I got handsome committee because it was costly.

But, after receiving shoes from courier he was non happy, because he told me that he did non instruct the production equally he invested money, thence he wants to replaced the product, in addition to then I click on cancel push clit in addition to after clicking their my committee was removed from my affiliate account.

Even nosotros did non replaced the product, but I did non dorsum affiliate commission, that way in ane trial production volition hold out cancelled from the buyer whether he or she volition replaced it or non yous volition loose your affiliate commission.

List of Tips in addition to Tricks to Increase Affiliate Links Reach-

Well, it is a real expert for all Indian bloggers that nosotros are getting many opportunities to earn coin from blogging, genuinely duo of years dorsum nosotros did non have got such ways to earn money, but right away a days its a groovy rootage for us.

Well, inward this department of this spider web log post, I am going to part amongst yous 10 amazing tips in addition to tricks to earn to a greater extent than committee from these websites, that’s why yous tin flame fulfill your dream in addition to yous tin flame alive your life tension free

If yous desire to increment your affiliate committee in addition to then yous have got to build your affiliate link accomplish to people, right away the thing is that what are ways for reaching your affiliate links to people-

There are ii ways to promote your affiliate links ane is costless in addition to some other ane is promoting production through ads, yous tin flame instruct assist from ads networks but don’t promote whatever production through ads network until or unless yous don’t have got sense inward it.

Otherwise essay to sympathize the concept past times promoting through costless ways, hither I am going to part amongst yous few ways to promote affiliate links-
Social Media- 
These days people are living on social medias to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater extent than fifty-fifty its popularity in addition to density of people increasing 24-hour interval past times day, that way equally an affiliate marketer, at to the lowest degree equally a beginner affiliate marketers.

Well, equally I have got shared amongst you, how I got sells through Facebook in addition to earn committee similar the same yous tin flame do.

Other than Facebook, at that topographic point are many other social networks where yous tin flame promote affiliate products in addition to earn committee but for making it easier or making it effective start yous have got to have got to a greater extent than friends in addition to to a greater extent than of import those trust on yous in addition to know you.

This is genuinely of import to instruct sells in addition to which build yous commission, that way yous must non promote whatever production which is non expert in addition to which is non suitable for your social friends circle.

Well, hither are others networks those are helpful for getting sells similar Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintetrest- these are most pop networks inward Republic of Republic of India thence if yous are targeting Indian traffic in addition to then these medias are simply perfect for making your production accomplish to a greater extent than wider.

There are 3 BIG ways to promote production on Facebook-

  • My Wall
  • Groups of Facebook
  • And Page of Facebook
These 3 sources are most pop way to promote in addition to instruct sells, okay allow me tell yous most it details, run across yous have got to post affiliate links on your wall in addition to then those are your friends they volition run across your post but allow me tell yous some other working trick, simply after adding the link click on similar it volition increment reach, if possible inquire others to similar in addition to run across the post about.
But, if others volition run across the post volition non assist yous to instruct committee rather if people volition purchase the production in addition to then yous volition build commission.
The same concept yous have got to apply spell sharing the link on groups in addition to pages of Facebook but don’t spam part links those are relevant to Group people, I hateful if a grouping most SSC Preparation in addition to then part at that topographic point products related to SSC Preparation similar whatever book, aptitude evidence book, previous yr query paper.

E-mail Contacts-
I yell upwardly yous have got electronic mail address in addition to yous must have got contacts those sent yous electronic mail simply practice ane thing shipping them electronic mail most the production inward which they tin flame hold out interested the most.

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Here yous have got to apply a piddling tricky concept which helps to earn to a greater extent than commission, run across the concept is simple, if yous are sending an electronic mail to a pupil in addition to then yous must shipping affiliate links related to career, which brings to a greater extent than sells in addition to ane to a greater extent than thing which volition practice to instruct win-win province of affairs way your contact volition instruct real expert useful production in addition to yous volition earn commission.
May hold out yous are using apps, i am talking most messaging apps similar Whatsapp, Hike, We chat,if yous are using these apps in addition to then yous have got huge potential to increment your affiliate link accomplish but yell upwardly is that if yous have got contact those are familiar amongst e-commerce website in addition to then yous have got groovy chance to earn committee spell doing almost nothing, simply yous involve to shipping in addition to then them affiliate link, but yous must shipping them link those are most interesting production for them, that’s why conversion charge per unit of measurement volition hold out to a greater extent than way to a greater extent than people volition purchase that production that way to a greater extent than coin yous are going to earn.

Direct Contacts-

Direct contacts way those are reaching yous straight for buying whatever production online, the same thing occur amongst me many times in addition to i have got earn commission.

You tin flame practice the same for earning extra committee in addition to delight inform them most it, it volition assist yous to hold out honest for them also.

Here is that divergence those I have got analysed this given below data-

Snap Deal
CEO’s Name
Sachin Bansal
Kunal Bahl
Jeff Bezos
Year of Foundation
1994 (Group Found)
New Delhi
No.  of Employees
1,83100 (world wide)
2,846 crores
88.988 Billion USD
Tag Name
Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori
Dil ki Deal
Or Dikhao Or Dikhao
Alexa Rank
My Recommendation

I promise yous got lot of of import information from the higher upwardly comparing that’s why yous tin flame pick out correct affiliate one’s, but ane proffer which I have got been implementing myself, because it works, that’s why I am sharing amongst you, run across if yous desire to know the correct selection for your spider web log in addition to then essay ane past times ane for a particular fourth dimension in addition to run across which ane is performing well.

Then select ane which is working groovy for you, I promise yous are getting me.

Is at that topographic point anything yous would similar to know most Flipkart Vs SnapDeal Vs Amazon affiliate inward India?