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Today i of my tsu friend sent me a message most his trouble organization human relationship ban, And sent me a notice which was previously sent yesteryear tsu squad to him.


Internet is a populace domain but copying someones materials as well as thence claiming that it was yours is non a fair matter as well as if your are a blogger thence y’all must avoid such things. 

What is copyright?

Copyright is basically a correct to the i who creates something, And the creator would induce got the correct to allow mortal to purpose his materials or not. Read to a greater extent than most copyright.

Posting Copyright Free Stuff on tsu.

There are few places from where y’all tin sack accept copyright gratis as well as commercial purpose materials for posting on tsu. First I volition exhibit y’all how to post gifs as well as secondly where to instruct royalty gratis images.

Posting Gifs (Animated or moving images) on tsu.

  • In gild to instruct gratis gifs instruct to GifBin site. There y’all volition notice ii options. which are Browse as well as Tag. You tin sack purpose either of them inward my example I am using TAGs.


  • After going alongside TAGS, y’all volition run into a seat out of tags/categories of gifs. Select whatever tag which y’all like. In my example I am going alongside Pranks.
  • The gits for selected tag volition hold upwardly shown. Now instruct as well as click on whatever of them which y’all similar to post. 

  • In my example I induce got selected i which the to a higher house yellowish arrow is indicating. After selecting the gif it volition hold upwardly opened equally shown below.

  • If y’all desire to run into the gif thence click on the Gif equally shown inward to a higher house blueish circle. 
  • If y’all desire to post gif on tsu or whatever else house thence re-create the URL equally shown inward to a higher house ruby-red rectangle as well as glue it where y’all desire gif to hold upwardly shown or posted. In my example I am posting on Tsu run into below image.

  • The ruby-red circled is the url which I copied from GifBin. When gif is shown y’all may delete the URL even thence the gif volition non hold upwardly deleted. Click on Post push as well as enjoy. 

Posting Copyright Free images on Tsu.

Copyright gratis images are those which are allowed to post on your blog, equally I advert to a higher house that the creator has potency to allow y’all either to purpose his materials or not. 
There are diverse places from where y’all tin sack download the moving painting as well as thence upload them wherever y’all wish, few of them are given below.
  1. Pixabay
  2. Public Domain Archive
  3. Furious Camera

These are the iii sites which I purpose mostly, y’all tin sack notice gratis commercial images on google yesteryear typing “Creative Common Zero Images”
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