Google Play Newsstand 4.3.0

With Google Play Newsstand, detect to a greater extent than of the intelligence as well as magazines yous help nearly all inwards 1 app on your Android band or tablet. Enjoy breaking intelligence as well as in-depth articles featuring audio, video as well as more. From sports, business, cooking, entertainment, fashion, local stores close you, as well as to a greater extent than – directly acquire both complimentary as well as paid intelligence as well as vibrant amount hard disk drive magazines, all inwards 1 place. With thousands of premier publishers – its all there, tardily to subscribe, read, as well as share.

Enjoy content from elevation news, magazines as well as indie publications similar The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, The New Yorker, Quartz, Vox, Refinery29, People, Fast Company, Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Vanity Fair, as well as much much more.

* All inwards 1 – With 1 app as well as 1 tap, yous accept access to complimentary as well as premium content from intelligence sources, magazines, blogs as well as more.
* Enjoy Read Now – Start reading correct away amongst a habitation concealment that apace learns what you’re into as well as highlights that adjust to your interests over time.
* Explore – Dig into categories similar Arts & Photography, Business & Finance, Food & Drink as well as more. Subscribe to topics tagged to the articles that involvement yous most.
* Go Offline – Download whatever intelligence edition, topic or magazine offline without missing a story.
* Bookmark – Save stories yous don’t accept fourth dimension to read later.
* Fast as well as efficient – Stories are formatted perfectly for your device.

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Download Google Play Newsstand 4.3.0 APK – 11.3 MB