Handball together with sports science….why together with then behind?

Handball (also known equally squad handball, Olympic handball or European handball) is a squad sport inwards which 2 teams of 7 players each (six outfield players as well as a goalkeeper) transcend as well as bounce a ball to throw it into the destination of the opposing team. The squad alongside the nearly goals afterward 2 periods of xxx minutes wins. Handball is yesteryear far my favourite sport. I played handball for many years inwards Italia (a flake to a greater extent than seriously) as well as for a duo of years inwards Scotland (for fun) as well as was a coach for few years as well as despite the fact I am non coaching handball anymore, I withal cannot believe how onetime fashioned handball preparation is.

Handball is a professional person sport inwards many countries. In Germany, Spain, Kingdom of Denmark as well as Kingdom of Norway as well as many other European countries (mainly inwards Eastern Europe) in that place are amount fourth dimension coaches, players as well as back upwardly staff. The European Champion’s League is televised on Eurosport as well as inwards around games yous tin run into to a greater extent than than 15000 supporters watching the game! In few words…it is a serious business!

Junge et al. 2009) clearly shows the high injury rates observed inwards Handball. 92% of the injuries occurred inwards competition. Of class during the Olympics teams tend to lower the intensity of preparation sessions as well as minimise physical contact inwards social club to avoid injuries. However, it would hold upwardly interesting to investigate injury rates inwards preparation as well as contest to divulge out if preparation sessions are also far from the contest demands equally I suspect this is the representative inwards many countries.

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Who is going to invest inwards inquiry activities on handball performance? Which province volition hold upwardly able to pose marginal gains to create amend players? Which province volition hold upwardly able to pose nutritional strategies to maximise functioning inwards handball?

Maybe inwards few years nosotros volition bring an answer, inwards the meantime, nosotros tin bask the competitions as well as promise that to a greater extent than inquiry activities volition hold upwardly published on peer reviewed journals as well as websites for the proficient of coaches as well as players.