How to Change Blogger Template Step past times Step Guide

In this weblog postal service I am going to portion amongst you, how tin you lot modify your Blogger Templates, good for this you lot must direct maintain a blogger templates in .XML version, together with then it would live on possible, good I promise you lot direct maintain your ain blogger templates, that’s why you lot are searching for changing your blogger weblog templates.

Well, lets instruct to the tutorial, every bit commons starting fourth dimension instruct to<Click on Your Blog<Then Click on “Template”(This alternative you lot tin come across on the left side of your your desktop<Now Click on “Backup/Restore”<Now You volition come across a modest popup window volition open<Now Click on “Choose File”<Then Choose the .XML file to change your blogger templates<Now click on Open<Click on “Upload”, hold off for few seconds to upload the file, It volition live on modify automatically.


I know it is trivial hard for newbies, that’s why I direct maintain created a image, which direct maintain steps past times steps method to modify your blogger template, thence the picture is given below amongst covert shots.

Change Blogger Template, Blogspot template

Now hopefully you lot direct maintain changed the blogger template successfully, if you lot direct maintain whatever occupation straightaway even, together with then don’t hesitate to ask.

Well, allow me tell you lot i to a greater extent than affair nigh changing blogger template, earlier going to modify blogger template, don’t forget to backup your blogger template, good for backing upward your template click on “Download Full Template”, every bit you lot tin come across on the covert shot, where you lot direct maintain been inquire for Upload your template.

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Happy Blogging, I am repeating again, don’t forget to inquire questions past times commenting below.

Advice Regarding Changing Blogger Template-

Okay, may live on you lot are thinking to download whatever template or you lot desire to only modify blogger template because provides couplet of templates, come across beloved if you lot desire to view the attending of readers on starting fourth dimension time together with then you lot demand to only read this department carefully, because I am only going to portion amongst you lot couplet of existent life experience, okay lets compare amongst the physical store.
Suppose that you lot are going for buying cloths, if you lot direct maintain coin together with then inward which shop you lot volition direct to purchase cloths of course of written report the branded one, whatever brand.
Okay, how you lot volition come upward to know nigh branding showroom?
By only looking at the showroom right, if you lot don’t fifty-fifty heard nigh that construct yet, fifty-fifty together with then you lot volition instruct into into the showroom, similar the same inward hither inward representative of blogging, if you lot volition direct correct template, I hateful to tell at that spot are couplet of things you lot demand to come across earlier going to install a template to your blog, if you lot are actually thinking nigh blogging together with earning passive income from blog, okay hither are couplet of things you lot demand to notice-
  1. You demand to direct mobile friendly every bit good every bit desktop friendly template, inward other words nosotros tin tell you lot demand to direct maintain all device friendly template that is also known every bit responsive template for to a greater extent than conversion, to a greater extent than lineament traffic together with of course of written report to instruct aid from search engines too.
  2. Look of the template is also important
  3. One peachy affair I came to know from i of the professional person spider web designer that is Google Page Speed checker you lot only banking concern correspond earlier going to role it on your blog.
  4. Good navigation bar for the blog
  5. Of course of written report must direct maintain footer together with sidebar for increasing your revenue through ad networks, affiliate marketing [Which is recommended for all to earn BIG bucks]
Yes, all these things you lot must reckon earlier going to install a template for your blog, My recommendation to you lot is all features I talk; you lot tin non honour out inward costless templates, yep this is truthful together with if you lot are non a designer together with then it volition direct maintain long fourth dimension for you lot if you lot tin able to pattern may live on few months fifty-fifty together with then at that spot is no guarantee that you lot tin able to pattern the template right, if you lot desire your weblog template volition live on pattern past times somebody together with then you lot tin contact me, I volition render peachy template inward real inexpensive cost together with of course of written report that template volition direct maintain all features.

I promise you lot got something from this weblog post, if you lot direct maintain enquiry don’t forget to inquire me past times commenting below.