How to detect my Chinese Tablet Firmware or Flash File yesteryear Board ID?

If your tablet is non working too yous are non finding Chinese tablets for sale this this is the best identify yous convey come upward to popular off your tablet flashed.
These days around individual inwards 1 abode has a table, equally the Chinese tablets too mobiles are to a greater extent than used due to their less price. If yous convey Android Tablet which Stuck on Android Start Screen thus abide by out our side yesteryear side article regarding how to renew software of Chinese tablet. inwards which I convey told that how to easily flash your tablet at yous home. If yous convey downloaded the firmware thus skip reading this article.

Finding your tablet board ID too Processor.

If yous desire to abide by out the firmware file of your tablet thus the kickoff pace is to abide by out Board ID too Processor. Either yous believe or non but nearly of the tablets whether they are Chinese or branded similar Samsung convey generally the same firmware. afterward flashing your tablet volition business office good too inwards novel trend too novel agency which would live to a greater extent than better. nearly of the processors are A13 too A10.

To abide by out the firmware too tablet model yous volition live needed to opened upward up your tablet but create non worry too create non popular off panic it is slow too no risky.

1. The nearly tablets create non convey the screws. thus yous require to carve upward 2 halves alongside some plastic opener or alongside knife but create it really carefully. shown inwards ikon below

2. After yous convey opened the tablet yous volition abide by it’s board like. too lookout out wires carefully which are connecting speaker.

3. Now await at the primary board yous must run across the processor break similar A13 or A10 etc. 

4. At final await at the board to abide by out board ID which volition await like. that is unremarkably at the travel yesteryear of the processor. 

Now this board the ID too processor names convey been establish thus nosotros require to write them to assemble to abide by out the firmware cite too thus abide by out too download the firmware from internet. 

The Firmware Name for this is: A13 CB-M RU 94V-0 Firmware

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Let me assist yous live letting yous know that forthwith yous require to abide by out firmware yesteryear writing processor model, Board ID too Brand Name.

Now what to Do side yesteryear side is to Flash yous Tablet at home alongside downloaded Firmware.

You may besides abide by Chinese Tablets for Sale on shopping sites such equally amazon too ebay.