How to Know My SIM Card Number | Pakistani SIMS

What is my SIM menu diverseness or movable diverseness or release details, that’s the inquiry afterwards you lot lost SIM menu otherwise you lot accept such a lot of cards that you lot simply cannot acquire out on their numbers inwards your heed every together with each variety. Telenor Zong Jazz Warid Ufone Mobilink foursquare mensurate the v telephone operators inwards West Islamic Republic of Pakistan amongst such a lot of packages similar SMS bundles together with low-cost conclusion rates that you lot simply cannot afford to ain simply i SIM. Recently i desire to piece of work my previous Zong SIM hence every bit to verify or hence job organization human relationship all the same I whole forget that variety. Than I came to grasp that in that place foursquare mensurate or hence specific numbers for every operator that’s reserved for this facility. i time dialed it’ll reciprocally sends you lot a text message together amongst your mobile variety. Below foursquare mensurate codes for every of the operators.

Know Your Telenor SIM Card Number
Dial *345# together with and then press telephone outcry upward button.
Locate out Mobilink Lost Number
Dial *99# together with and then telephone outcry upward button.
Write inwards your ID Card Name & post it to 300.
Find The Warid Number
Send a Text MYNO or MYNUMBER TO 6060.
Trace Ufone No
Text MYNO TO 120.
Dial *780*3#
Dial *88#
Identify Zong SIM
Send a Text MYNO to 777. Rs. 1.50+tax are charged for each message.
Write *100# together with and then press telephone outcry upward button.
How to Know Name, CNIC together with SIM Number 
Type MNP inwards Msg together with Send to 667.
I promise that you lot accept learned to detect Sim Number. 
For Any inquiry comment below.

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