How To Make Decorated Burlap Bunny Cookies For Easter

How To Make Decorated Burlap Bunny Cookies For Easter  , tutorial

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I’ve never been ane of those people that but runs out as well as buys everything I could mayhap bespeak for a novel hobby. I’m non much of a shopper as well as I definitely don’t convey that impulse to teach whatever is novel on the marketplace position but to attempt it out…you know… inwards the cite of science, as well as hence give ane away every — Oh. Wait. Yeah. Ummm… that pretty much describes me exactly. (Shoot. Don’t say my husband!)

And I form of dear novel places to store every bit much every bit I dear novel products. So when my friend Anne of Flour Box Bakery opened her online shop… I could NOT convey been happier!! It’s everything I dear all inwards ane place! Friends, cookies as well as shopping!!! She’s got a bang-up pick of supplies…including an FDA APPROVED GOLD DUST!! It’s called Crystal Dust as well as I but ordered or hence as well as I can’t expression to attempt it out!! I was inwards a piffling chip of an Easter oestrus this twelvemonth until I saw all of her Easter Cutters as well as hence my heed basically exploded as well as I had no persuasion what my hands were doing as well as somehow I ended upwards alongside a plate of cookies that I’m absolutely inwards dear with! I mean… majestic icing burlap??!! YES PLEASE!!! (Are you lot alongside me?!)

How To Make Decorated Burlap Bunny Cookies For Easter  , tutorial

1. Outline as well as alluvion your cookie. I did pink…but you lot tin post away become alongside whatsoever color you lot like. It’s your cookie. I won’t judge.  Let it dry out completely… similar overnight venture icing.
2. This is the cool part. Spread thick icing over the transcend of the background icing. Then choose handgrip of a fork as well as drag it through the icing both vertically as well as horizontally… as well as BURLAP!!
3. Use medium consistency white icing to pipage ii circles on transcend of each other as well as hence ears to brand a bunny. Let it dry out for an hour.
4. Add a tail. I used bluish fondant inwards a silicone mold to brand a rose tail. But you lot tin post away likewise but pipage or hence icing as well as add together sanding saccharide or non-pareils.

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Confused? See it inwards action. 

 Anne of Flour Box Bakery wants to give you lot everything you lot bespeak to brand these or your ain favorite Easter Cookies alongside a prize bundle worth over $100!! (I am non fifty-fifty kidding you! I produce non joke virtually gratuitous cookie cutters.) Use the Easy Entry push to enter!! Earn to a greater extent than entries past times visiting Flour Box Bakery’s store or signing upwards for my newsletter!! Giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, March 9th!

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