I’m a Happy Snowman – Winter Song for Children

Winter is coming. And who is i of the most pop wintertime characters all children love? Yes, it’s a snowman! Since the times of the “Frosty the Snowman” cartoon in addition to vocal the snowman has been rattling pop alongside kids inwards English linguistic communication speaking countries. I decided to write my ain snowman vocal adapted for footling children who exclusively laid out to report English linguistic communication every bit their minute language. My vocal is called “I’m a happy Snowman” in addition to y’all tin head to it inwards the video below.

Snowman Song Lyrics

I’m a happy Snowman,
Big in addition to fat.
Here are my mittens,
My scarf in addition to my hat.
I’m a happy Snowman,
Here is my nose.
I am all made of snow
From my caput to my toes.
I am all made of snow
From my caput to my toes.

Winter is a flavour when nosotros tin verbalize close many things alongside our children. The outset matter is ,of course, playing inwards the snow. Here are around ideas in addition to worksheets y’all tin role during your English linguistic communication lessons.

Worksheet 1: This delineate of piece of job aims at practicing the wintertime clothing vocabulary. Children should aid the Snowman, the top dog grapheme of my song, jibe the pictures of wintertime clothing alongside the letters they laid out with. This is a rattling uncomplicated delineate of piece of job which tin hold upwards done fifty-fifty past times preschoolers.

winter clothing jibe worksheet
Snowman Stuff Worksheet
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Worksheet 2: This assignment aims at practicing spelling. Students should insert the missing letters into the given words in addition to and thus determine what they need to laid upwards a snowman. (a hat, mittens, a scarf, a broomstick, a carrot, a cabbage, a pineapple, an umbrella, sunglasses, a bike, scissors, a book, a kettle). The chosen items should hold upwards written downwards on the lines inwards the centre of the worksheet.

snowman edifice worksheet
Snowman Building Worksheet

I am rattling happy to accept an chance to part these worksheetes alongside y’all in addition to your immature students. Please, experience costless to comment inwards my spider web log in addition to part your ideas inwards didactics English linguistic communication too.