iPOD/iPhone together with sports scientific discipline software

apple-iphone-in-hand-thumbElectronics manufacturer Apple Inc. is developing only about software in addition to hardware products aimed at the fitness in addition to sports scientific discipline market.

I was performing a uncomplicated patent search on Google Patents amongst iPOD in addition to Fitness equally keywords in addition to came across a serial of interesting patents filed past times Apple.

The patent (US 2008/0077620 A1) shows also only about concealment shots of the software in addition to the hardware is presented inwards other patents filed past times Apple inwards 2007.



image image imageApple Fitness Companion

So, how long earlier nosotros volition hold upwards seeing tools for sports scientists in addition to fitness instructors on the marketplace able to hold upwards interfaced amongst Apple devices? Not really long. Apple inwards fact released the SDKs (software evolution kits) few months agone in addition to I am certain a lot of people are working difficult to deliver only about apple-based solutions for sports scientists. The lifestyle companion system (this is the refer of the patent) volition permit also the possibility of setting specific goals, tracking progress in addition to sharing data amongst an internet-based community.

I am looking forwards to run into it inwards action!