Phonics Cards (Short east Sound)

Two days agone I started publishing my novel serial of phonics flashcards amongst the commencement laid upwards dedicated to the short Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 sound. And hither is simply about other laid upwards of flashcards. This fourth dimension they are designed to deal immature students recall the  short eastward audio [e]. This audio tin endure a lilliputian fighting tricky for English linguistic communication learners because the advert of the missive of the alphabet doesn’t fit to the audio it represents. In improver non-native English linguistic communication speakers tin confuse missive of the alphabet Ee amongst missive of the alphabet Ii because inwards simply about languages such equally Russian in addition to Ukrainian, for example, in that place is no departure betwixt long in addition to brusk vowels in addition to it’s hard for children to recall that the missive of the alphabet Ee is read equally [e] in addition to non equally [i:] piece the missive of the alphabet Ii is read equally [ɪ].

This laid upwards of flashcards allows practicing inwards reading the brusk eastward sound. Cards №№ 13-20 comprise the next phonograms: -ed, -en, -ent, -ell, -est, -et, -eg, -end. Cards №№ 21-23 acquaint unlike cases of brusk eastward sound. And carte du jour № 24 contains words amongst the vowel digraph ea which is read equally a brusk eastward audio [e].

phonics flashcards brusk e sound
Phonics flashcard: short e [e] sound

phonics flashcards for ESL brusk e sound

phonics flashcards for education English linguistic communication brusk e sound

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