Phonics Cards (Short U Sound)

This is the concluding ship amongst my short audio phonics cards. This fourth dimension it’s the brusque [ʌ] sound. The fix consists of sixteen phonics cards for reading together with practicing this sound.

Сards №№ 57-67 include such phonograms every bit -un, -ut, -ug, -um, -ub, ud, -up, -uck, -unk, -ump, -ust. Card № 68 presents to a greater extent than or less cases where the alphabetic lineament Uu is read every bit [ʌ] inward the middle of the word, piece menu № 69 contains words amongst the same audio occurring inward the start of the words. Card № seventy has words where the alphabetic lineament Oo is read every bit [ʌ], together with cards №№ 71-72 innovate reading rules for vowel digraphs oo together with ou.

phonics flashcards for ESL brusque u sound
Phonics flashcard: short [ʌ] sound

phonics flashcards for kids brusque u sound

flashcards for learning english phonics brusque u sound

English phonics flashcards brusque u sound

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