QUICKLY Change Forgotten Password of 3G Evo Wingle Charji Wifi Devices

3G evo, Wingle as well as charji are products of PTCL used for meshing connections. Evo wingle is a wifi USB amongst the speed of 9.3Mbps. Just plug it inwards whatever USB ability adapter such every bit Laptop, PC, Charger, Charging Bank, Car Port as well as the meshing volition run. It may live on used at whatever house either at habitation or office.

How to Change Password of 3G Evo Wingle Charji

If you lot forgot your wifi password you lot may reset that from here. Setting for all device ( i.e CharJi EVO LTE TAB, CharJi EVO, EVO Wingle 9.3Mbps, EVO 3G Wireless as well as EVO 3G Nitro 9.3)

are close similar. let’s become for it.

  1. Go to the official site at wingle login or type inwards your browser (Make certain that your device is connected as well as you lot are non connected amongst whatever other meshing service otherwise that service’s setting volition opened upwards non of this device).
  2. Type your user cite as well as password (by default username as well as password both are “admin“). 
  3. Now become to “basic settings” as well as and thus “settings” as well as uncovering the selection “wifi KEY” at that spot quondam password may live on seen as well as novel may live on typed. 
  4. Finally click on “Apply button” to salvage your changes.


If you lot desire to sense meshing as well as thus these PTCL’s devices are real useful these choose grip of signals inwards the villages of Islamic Republic of Pakistan where you lot tin non imagine. You may uncovering evo wingle packages.
Advantages of this device are that it does non involve whatever software to install, it is portable as well as is motorcar installed. System requirements are non typical whatever operating organization may run it fifty-fifty whatever USB socket volition live on enough. Price of 3G evo wingle is only 2000 rupees every bit per PTCL. 
I promise you lot convey learnt to Reset Password of PTCL wifi devices. If you lot are facing whatever difficulty as well as thus you lot may comment below this post. 

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