Talent…or repetitions?

I accept been having few debates amongst colleagues on the theme of Talent in addition to talent ID programmes. Due to the success of roughly talent transfers inward roughly physical sports, at that topographic point seems to last a large position out of people convinced that such approach tin equally good last successful inward squad sports. Needless to nation I totally disagree amongst that. Having worked equally a motorbus developing immature athletes in addition to equally a motorbus of senior athletes inward a squad sport I tin definitively nation that inward monastic tell to create a World Class squad y’all demand to accept the talent inward the squad equally good equally people who accept done thousands of hours perfecting their skills. You only cannot alter an average Basketball thespian inward his/her 20s inward a World shape handball thespian in addition to vice versa, y’all cannot position a tall guy/girl in addition to inside four years plough him/her into a World shape volleyball player. Why not? Simple: because no affair how physically talented they are, it is unlikely they tin brand upwards inward few years for the lost fourth dimension of practise equally compared to people who started their sport when they were children. If y’all believe that nobody inward 4-5 years tin kicking the bucket equally skillful equally Lionel Messi having never played football, in addition to then y’all are purpose of my club.

I am non going to write most this consequence inward this post, but I hope volition write to a greater extent than equally talent id-ing is actually an interesting field, in addition to I am passionate most its proper applications at the correct historic current grouping in addition to agreement equally good the limitations inward the possibilities of talent transfer inward item inward roughly sports.

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I accept late come upwards across Daniel Coyle’s blog, in addition to it is a refreshing read proving that talent lonely is non plenty in addition to inward many fields it is possible to arrive at success using a multifariousness of preparation coaching methods, motivation in addition to coaching. Most of all he talks most the importance of deliberate practise when an incredible position out of repetitions are performed which allow individual to kicking the bucket a main inward a specific field.


I accept ordered the majority in addition to I am looking frontwards to read it, inward the meantime, I am enjoying the weblog which is plenty of useful examples inward sports.

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