Tsu V3.0 Update Review | Earn Online

In our concluding post, How to brand coin amongst TSU Rising Social Media nosotros described the amount details amongst a video training, In this post service nosotros are going to notice the Black colored tsu.

How did Tsu Ranked Higher?

Tsu launched on Oct 21st 2014 since it was greenish that was the fourth dimension when virtually 05 1000000 people started to purpose this site the primary argue of using this site was that “You Can Earn amongst Entertainment”. Tsu decided to part virtually 90% of its revenue amongst the users but they kept a status that the #Content should endure #Original, Nevertheless users are using copied contents as well as they intend that they volition brand to a greater extent than coin via it all the same this is non truth, The #OriginalContent are the primary origin to earn. 
In starting tsu used promotion from lower advertiser but later on on they belike satisfied Google to demo the AdSense Ads on it, likewise they are offering Sponsored Ads. 

Major Updated inwards Tsu v3.0

Have a expect at the below ikon yous volition run into that at commencement it was of Green Color but straight off it is amongst Black as well as majestic color all the same the font color is soundless white. The links, Hashtags as well as buttons are purple. 

  • Topics as well as Channels.

You were next users but straight off yous tin follow topic as well as channels.

  • Channels as well as Where are your Groups

Previously nosotros had groups inwards the left carte straight off those are called channels, the channels which bring less members are non shown inwards Channels, though they are shown nether dissimilar categories, inwards those categories the group’s topic is related to.

  • Topics

The xiii topics bring been added inwards guild to properly categorize posts as well as increase the visibility .


  • Difference betwixt Channels as well as Topics

Topics may endure considered every bit Communities or Categories same every bit the channels are Sub-categories. Further channels are user owned as well as topics are tsu owned. 

  • How to post service inwards Categories as well as Feed.

Feed is your ain timeline as well as the categories are for the entire tsu community. You tin post service either on ane places or at both places. After clicking on Create Post (Purple push at correct corner) the post service volition seem inwards your ain feed alone as well as also on social network which yous bring integrated.

In guild to post service inwards community or topics, yous volition bring to larn to topic commencement as well as and then click on Posting Area the next window volition appear.
There is a tick score choice “Show post service on social fee” this is either to post service on your ain feed as well as inwards community or alone inwards community.
An other choice is “Post to” in that location is a choice of community where yous desire to post service in. 

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I bring tried my degree best to depict all it inwards slow agency but if inwards illustration of whatever inconvenience experience gratis to larn engaged via comment box below.