Vancouver 2010

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Top Secret had ii components. One dealt alongside the hardware of boots, skis, skates, poles, helmets together with suits. The other focused on human physiology. In particular, a lot of go has been plainly done on recovery modalities.

We get got done our go likewise together with promise to produce few upsets inward Canada. Preparation together with go plans are the starting fourth dimension priority every bit our athletes volition last competing inward around other continent. So plans to contend alongside jet lag together with speed upwardly adjustment to the novel fourth dimension zone get got been set inward house likewise every bit recovery strategies to cut back the effects of sitting on a plane for hours. We get got organised belongings camps inward Calgary together with Lake Placid to render our athletes alongside the best environs to produce for the games. Science together with applied scientific discipline projects get got been conducted alongside diverse sports on equipment development, innovative training, preparation strategies together with recovery modalities inward partnership alongside our colleagues at Britain Sport together with at the Scottish together with English linguistic communication Institutes of Sport. Last but non to the lowest degree a neat partnership alongside Adidas agency nosotros could render our athletes alongside innovative article of apparel solutions.

You tin come across what Team GB athletes hollo back of our kit here:

So, nosotros get got our ain cards to play together with are looking frontwards to the side past times side few weeks.

Recovery seems to last an hot number together with every province is looking at optimising recovery strategies for athletes competing over few days during the Olympics. Competition preparation together with recovery are perchance the substitution areas where meaning gains tin last obtained. Physical together with technological preparation is carried out for four years, but it is the picayune item inward the concluding few days which tin brand a meaning divergence for athletes on the big day.

Little details similar what they drink, what they swallow earlier their competition, the timing of nutrient together with special drinks intake, how they warm up, together with most of all inward what physical together with mental province they are when standing on the start line. Of course of report applied scientific discipline plays a big role, equipment tin brand a difference, but the winner is e’er the athlete every bit no equipment tin win on its own!