What is Alexa? Free Submission | Ranking Increasing Tips

Alexa Rank Checker is the starting fourth dimension tool when y’all know close Alexa starting fourth dimension time. Let’s farther read close site submission too ranking increasing tips.

Note Please: This is no to a greater extent than Free

What is Alexa?

Alexa is basically an online tool which is used for website’s traffic checking too provides analytic. It was founded inwards 1996 too at nowadays it is managed past times Amazon. The site or weblog is said to endure famous which has high Rank. The site which bring high Ranking are believed verified information provider too in that place are much other benefits. 

Importance of Alexa Web Traffic

Alexa e’er furnish existent and authentic data due to which advertisers detect ranking of site directly from here. It plays real of import utilisation inwards the champaign of search engine optimization, You tin flaming purchase your information analytic or y’all tin flaming utilisation a gratis site claiming. Below is the video inwards Urdu too Hindi languages which shows y’all how to claim your site or a gratis weblog inwards its listing for free. It asks for monthly charges but nosotros are going to create it for gratis but retrieve your site information volition endure express inwards gratis listing.

Adding Site to Alexa Video inwards Urdu — If y’all are English linguistic communication speaker simply sentry video y’all volition acquire Idea.

Next lesson of course of pedagogy is Adding Blog inwards Google Search Engine (Listing inwards Google) and previous lesson is Adding Large Social Widget (Followers – Subscribers – Sharing)

Why utilisation acquire site control?


As it is acquired past times Amazon. It has amazing features. It provides below information
  • Global Ranking
  • Particular Country Ranking
  • Bounce Rate
  • Daily Page Views past times every unmarried visitor
  • Daily Time on Site or Blog
  • Top Keywords due to Site is ranked inwards Google
  • Total sites which are linking to your site 
  • It shows visitor past times Age-wise, Gender-wise, Country wise
  • And Much More

Why You Should Add Site inwards Alexa?

Above described features of Alexa play an real of import utilisation inwards the component subdivision of SEO, y’all may come across for which keywords your site is getting ranked high too y’all tin flaming focus on those, every information which is provided past times this is real. The characteristic full sites linking to your weblog is real proficient affair it plough over y’all jeopardy to banking concern check your competitor’s linking sites too tin flaming link your ain on the same sites. 

Step By Step Blogger Tutorials (Each Post Has a Video)
Lesson 01
Over View to Blogger Tutorial  (You’re hither – sentry video is below)
Lesson 02
Lesson 03
Lesson 04
Lesson 05
Lesson 06
Lesson 07
Lesson 08
Adding Contact Us Form inwards Blogger (Will endure added soon)
Lesson 09
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Lesson 15
Lesson 16
Lesson 17
Lesson 18
Lesson 19

How to Increase Alexa Ranking?

This is the starting fourth dimension enquiry afterwards reading its importance. Alexa provides a tool bar which is installed inwards Browser, It helps inwards raising your rank. the minute which may assist y’all is a gadget provided past times the site itself. It also helps. 


Hope y’all bring learnt to Submit a site or weblog inwards Alexa for free. There nosotros bring several other tools for checking rank of a site on cyberspace but it is the most pop of those. Alexa Ranking Checker’s link may endure searched past times going on operate past times of this post.