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What is Domain?

There are original 2 types of Domain. 
1) Sub-domain
I made this site on Blogger, In starting it’s URL was mastfun4u.blogspot.com hither this address of site is a sub-domain becuase it contains blogspot. It may convey contained wordpress, drupal, weebly, joomla together with tumblr.  
2) Premium Domain
Domains which create non convey whatever sub-domain such every bit mastfun4u.com (does non incorporate blogspot) is called a premium domain. In gild to modify from sub-domain into premium domain nosotros volition convey to purchase domain which may toll from nearly xv dollar depending on your type of domain. 
Premium domain may terminate alongside org, edu, , gov, pk, in, tk, cp together with much to a greater extent than if yous purchase each of them has dissimilar rates. 

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What is GoDaddy together with How to Regester Domain?

Go daddy is a service provider’s website they they sell domain for your professional person or personal weblog or site. The most sold domain is .COM. This site for domain registration is the best i because I convey seen many of the blogger who operate it over all it is most used site. My ain weblog is non register alongside them but I am matter of transfer domain to godaddy together with most in all likelihood I volition shift sooner.

In gild to register domain for blogger weblog at get-go convey a await at video embedded hither I promise yous volition acquire the entire means of it. Or become to your blog’s dashboard thus to Setting together with chose Basic then uncovering the selection to register domain selection nether Publishing expanse thus yous volition uncovering the sites which are providing domain together with thus select godaddy residuum yous volition sympathise your self. You tin get gratis domain from freenom.
You may contact us nosotros may build yous buy domain uncovering us through contact us page.

go daddy domain registration

Why to Choose GoDaddy?

The original argue is that yous simply quest to register domain all other setting for blogger domain transfer volition live on made past times blogger together with godaddy’s team. 
They render 24/7 support.
If yous convey coupon yous volition acquire discount.
They are providing hosting every bit good (They accuse for it)
They render build email address.
Over all this is reliable organization. 


The original create goodness of domain is that yous volition get to a greater extent than traffic every bit compared to sub-domain. The sites which convey premium domain they await good. You may purchase it for i yr together with to a greater extent than together with afterwards i yr yous may renew it. 
I promise yous convey learnt to purchase a domain but if yous convey a resultant thus experience gratis to contact us but if yous desire to verbalize nearly this specific theme thus delight create cite it inwards discipline line.

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