Withings Body Scale review

I bring been late trialling an interesting novel device: a widget for Mac users, included their platform inside GYMTECHNIK, together with most of all, connected the scale to Microsoft Health Vault (Very interesting production of which I hope to write something near rattling soon).

The scale unfortunately supports exclusively upward to 8 users, which agency is perfect for a family, only a fleck challenging if y’all are a professional person working inside the fitness manufacture alongside many clients and/or alongside elite athletes together with squads. However I am certain that unopen to customised hardware together with software solutions volition survive available before long for such demands.


All inwards all a neat tool alongside a lot of potential to survive used alongside athletes travelling on grooming camps together with facilitate the storage together with recording of information where at that topographic point is a wi-fi connection. Absolutely a neat tool for a trouble solid unit of measurement every bit it allows to rail everyone’s trunk weight rattling efficiently. More information on its accuracy together with on the validity together with reliability of the trunk fatty measurements is warranted earlier recommending it to a grouping of elite athletes.